BIFFF is currently seeking partnerships, financial contributions and in-kind donations from local organizations, companies, and restaurants. We aim to provide a solid return to our sponsor's investments. Our intention is to run a FREE event in September 2019 that will bring a solid amount of exposure to our partners while helping to develop local communities through the means of food and film. Our experience running previous film festivals provides us with the needed knowledge and contacts to develop a high visibility event. Our marketing campaign aims to provide the highest branding and exposure value possible to our partners and sponsors in return for their investment with BIFFF. We are currently seeking: capital funding, in-kind contributions, partnerships with other food non-profits (cross-promotion), and local universities as venue partners. Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor. For details, please request our sponsorship packet writing to Jose Barriga at jbarriga@cambridgefoodlab.com.


We are looking for chefs and restaurant partner for the event. Please contact us if you have an idea or proposal.



BIFFF provides value to our university - venue partners in two solid ways:
1. Adds to the life experience of their undergraduate and graduate students by bringing a fully curated and organized event that will offer not only free access to fun and interesting films but also the opportunity to learn about food systems, production, and the culinary experience. For reference, bringing a well-made documentary to an academic setting usually costs hundreds of dollars, whereas BIFFF offers access to these films at no cost to the school, in most cases even having the filmmakers and cast for questions and answers sessions after the screenings. We have excellent references from previously organized events at other universities from former academic and administrator partners. 
2. Provides the opportunity to partner with an organization that will help them to increase their brand visibility with local communities, organizations, media, and government. This is a great way for a university to expose their brand in a positive way with multiple stakeholders.


*We ask our university partners to provide the space for a reception and the screenings while BIFFF brings, a selection of movies (never screened in Boston) the food and beverage provided by other sponsors. Included in BIFFF's part is bringing a fully produced event: Including marketing collateral: brochures, programs, signing, info tables, fully developed website and social media outlets plus about 25 volunteers.


for details about sponsorship opportunities please contact Jose Barriga at jbarriga@cambridgefoodlab.com


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